What We Sell

If you buy a computer or laptop from me you only pay for the hardware. My initial visit to assess your needs, delivery of your new hardware and the initial setup are all free.
In addition, new computers and laptops come with a free Maintenance Plan worth R1100.

Desktop Computers
Whether you’re looking for a simple office machine or something with a little more flash, I can build it for you. The cost will be much lower than off-the-shelf options available at the big retail stores and the performance will be tailored to your needs. The individual components carry their own warranties and are easily replaced, so you get to keep your computer running while I handle the return.

Laptop prices in this country are scary. I specialise in supplying demo models and nearly new laptops that are as good as new, but cost far less. They are all in immaculate condition, are covered under their respective manufacturer warranties and are thoroughly tested by me before sale.
Generally speaking Windows laptops are available at 50% to 60% of the new prices, while Macbooks are a little more. Visit the shop to see what’s currently available, or contact us.

Why replace when you can improve? More often than not, a simple, affordable upgrade can vastly improve the performance of a computer or laptop.
I can drop by to assess your computer or laptop and make upgrade suggestions based on what you need. This visit is free. You will only pay for the upgrade hardware and the installation, should you choose to go ahead with it.